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I believe the phrase is: "FML"

I, uh, better post something before I put it off for another... year. ;;;

First off, I am so sorry to anyone I was supposed to talk to regarding anything. I know it's no excuse for completely cutting off contact for this long, but since the last time I talked with anybody, things have been... Well. A trainwreck.

My horrible inactivity explained within:Collapse )

But yes. That about sums up my... year of inactivity. ...I-I feel so guilty D:




As to why I've been notably absent from any and all activity online:

Family switched to AT&T for a spell. It kept crapping out every few minutes so it was impossible to do anything. We finally switched back to Comcast yesterday and the difference, I am loving it. Thank you, Comcast.

The other reason is under the cut.

Would you believe it?Collapse )

Ah, dogs. So willing to kill themselves for what they think is going to be a tasty treat.
My CNA instructor is passive-aggressive. That is the ONLY reasonable explanation for last week and today.

Read more...Collapse )

I am still very sorely tempted to report her to the BBB. I am going to refrain from it, though -- she'd probably only get a slap on the wrist for her actions and that'd just piss me off more.
See you atthe Rainbow Bridge someday, Rolly. We'll miss you, even if you were a pain in the ass most days.



Papa, I love you no matter how kooky you can get.

That isn't a reason nor an excuse to kick me and Mom out of the house for New Years' just so we you don't have to deal with your relatives. Please to be growing a spine so you tell your mother "no" sometimes. If it's the fact Mom and I keep joking about how the family doctor's got a crush on you, that's still not an excuse. And why Florida of all places?

*needs a facepalm icon*


You know, when I mentioned in passing that life has it out for my free time, I meant it jokingly.

Now let's review the past five months:Collapse )

All of this is made slightly more agonizing due to the fact I finally managed to find my missing copy of Chrono Trigger DS, as well as managing a copy of the new Zelda game as an early Christmas present. Free tiiime, where did you gooo? D:


...see mood.

oh hey I'm still alive woooo \o/

So. This month:

--I've been sick with some kind of flu for two and a half weeks straight. May or may not have been that flu, but who's to say when my temperature never was high enough to be dangerous. Told family to stay away regardless, so at least I got some peace and quiet.

--I've also had registering problems because my school seems to think I need another math. And then decides that I don't. And then thinks I do. And so on. Make up your damn minds, nitwits.

--Not so much new, but self-centered douche of an older brother plus wife are supposedly in state this weekend to attend a friend's wedding. Why they're willing to drive 300 miles for a wedding when they wouldn't drive ten minutes to our grandmother's house is something they still haven't given a halfway decent answer for. I swear, if I hear that "family=not deep enough crap again...

--Flat tire. On the new car.

--On the plus side, I am finally tanned for once in my life due to mom's insistence on freshly picked blueberries!