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lunare_valhart's Journal

19 March
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Huh. To think I used to avoid these things like the plague…

Anyways, I go by the online alias Lunare Valhart. Some of you may have heard of me, most probably haven't. I'm, uh, not what you would consider an "active" member of fandom, no matter how much I like it. *hasn't touched her dA page in well over a year* And on that note, I'm known more for my writing.

I'm for all types of couples, by the way, so expect to see het and slash/shounen-ai/yaoi/BL/shoujo-ai/yuri/femmeslash/whatever the hell everyone is calling it nowadays. I won't tolerate anyone harassing me for liking any of these.

I'm currently in school to become a veterinary technician. As it's a medical program, expect several stress-release posts along the way. As much as I adore my fandoms, I do care immensely for my field of choice. How many other jobs lets you help animals in need and get paid doing it?

Fandoms and the Pairings I Like
Bomberman Jetterz
Mighty/Birdy, Mighty/Misty, and many, many others

Beyblade (Heh… Oh, don't look at me like that! It was my first true fandom!)
Kaitaka, Max/Hiromi, Kenny/Hiromi, Wyatt/Zeo

Full Metal Alchemist (…And yet, I don't do anything for it…)
…Actually, I don't have a pairing for this, either…

Mario/Peach, Geno/Mallow— *SHOT*


Star Fox
Don't care

Friend me if you want. I don't bite! Much.